Moldflow flow simulations

A flow analysis simulates the filling and packing phases of the injection molding process to predict the flow behavior of thermoplastic melts within the part.A filling analysis calculates the flow front position from the start of injection to when the cavity is filled and gives a prediction of the filling behavior for a part with a given plastic material and a set of process conditions. Additional packing profiles are used to control the volumetric shrinkage distribution and to avoid overpacking.

1-A: fill-time=0.28 sec

1-B: fill-time=0.37 sec

1-C: fill-time=0.46 sec

Visualization flow front

Figures 1-A to 1-F show a visualization of the flow front propagation through the part as a function of injection time.

1-D: fill-time=0.56 sec

1-E: fill-time=0.65 sec

1-F: fill-time=0.71 sec

Overview of FLOW simulation capabilities

1. determine the optimal gate location(s)
2. optimized runner system design and balancing
3. predicts and visualizes the flowfront propagation
4. determines processing conditions such as:

  • fill-time
  • clamping force
  • melt temperature
  • gate freeze time
  • packing time and -pressure

5. predicts weld line locations (manually controlled placement)
6. identifies potential air traps (mold venting locations)
7. determine maximum shear stress, shear-rate and pressure during filling
8. fiber or molecular orientation at core and skin (see section xx)
9. evaluate flow analysis results for different plastic materials and initial processing conditions.